The Relationship Place is a destination for everybody and anybody to come when they just need that little bit of help, support, and counsel when it comes to their love life. Co-founded by bestselling author and TV relationship and life coach Anna Williamson, we have discovered a need for accessible, cost effective, stigma-free coaching for relationships, a need we are meeting with affordable, easy to watch, coaching ‘plans’ to help you identify any areas you’d like to work on, either personally or together as a couple. From self-esteem, to understanding better, to conflict and communication, whatever your personal or relationship challenge we have a range of solutions ready to watch at the click of a button, all served up with a big dollop of our trademark empathy.

Our Philosophy

Our core values at The Relationship Place are fairness, communication and helping others. We very much believe in the importance of strong, healthy, and happy relationships, romantic and intimate ones in particular being a key part of our evolution and day to day lives. But we are also realistic, and we recognise that being in a couple can be challenging. For years relationship counselling has been unfairly steeped in stigma, uncertainty around who to ask for help, where to go, and how much it might cost. We know through our research and expertise how much relationships need and deserve tangible, practical help and support. And that’s why we developed The Relationship Place, a go-to hub of helpful advice for all things personal and couple related, a place to get practical help to hopefully improve you and your love life. Our goal is to enable everyone to feel heard, accepted, and empowered in their romantic relationships and beyond.

Our Expert

Fronted by our co-founder Anna Williamson, we pride ourselves on working with the best in the biz when it comes to solid, trusted relationship advice.  Anna is an internationally published and number 1 best selling author of four self-help books, an acclaimed life coach and relationship expert on TV shows such as E4’s Celebs Go Dating, and holds accredited qualifications in counselling, life coaching, psychotherapy and neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

Anna Williamson

Anna's Books

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The Stats

1 in 5 parent couples break up within the first year after having a baby

1 in 3 marriages end in divorce

The #1 reason for divorce is financial problems

The #1 cause of arguments in the home is cleanliness and household chores

48% of couples go over their wedding budget

A quarter of couples spend longer than 2 years planning their big day

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