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From working on yourself, going exclusive, getting married or improving an existing relationship, we have you covered. Check out all our current plans below.

If you feel like you need more than one plan, we also have bundle offers to choose from.

The This Is Me Plan

Have you recently been feeling a bit ‘meh’? Lacking self-esteem and confidence? Needing a bit of boost in the right direction?

Check out the This Is Me Plan and how it can help you be your best self.

The Wedding Planning Plan

Getting ready for the big day? Feeling those wedding day flutters? Is conflict around your nuptials causing problems?

Check out the Wedding Planning Plan, everything you need to help support you and your relationship ahead of (hopefully) the best day of your life.

The Couples In Conflict Plan

Have you and your other half being rowing recently? Struggling to communicate properly? How do you know when a bicker is healthy or not?

The Couples in Conflict Plan can help you and your partner find harmony once again.

The Couples And Kids Plan

Is your relationship feeling the strain of having kids? Worried there is no time for each other anymore? Wondering if it will get any better?

Having kids is one of the most challenging things any couple can go through, the Couples and Kids Plan will help keep your relationship on track.

The Pre-Commitment Plan

Have you been in the dating game awhile? Not sure whether to go exclusive? Weighing up your options still? Or perhaps you are ready to commit and unsure how to go about it and what’s next?

Have a look at the Pre-Commitment Plan and how it could be the support you need to make those important decisions.

The Make Or Break Plan

In a relationship and at your wits end? Flirting with the idea of leaving your partner? Wondering if you can ever get the spark back?

Many relationships hit the skids, the Make or Break Plan can help you work out if you can get it back on track.

Bundle Offers

Need more than one plan?

Check out our bundles offers for great savings.

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