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The Plan

This plan honestly identifies and explores the many changes and challenges that occur when a relationship and parenting go hand in hand. From do we, don’t we have kids, childproofing your couple time, working as a team, splitting the chores, dealing with sleep deprivation, communicating, making time for sex, and addressing any boundaries and deal-breakers. This plan is every parent couple’s SOS call answered. Very few parents can honestly say hand on heart that the whole parenting experience is plain sailing, and indeed enjoyable 100% of the time. Anna offers a big dollop of empathy as she lifts the lid on what goes on for a lot of parenting couples and helps explore how you can be a great partner as well as a parent and enjoy life in the process. Teamwork, communication, compromise and deal breakers, we’re going to cover it all.

Lessons & Activities

Lesson 1: Do We, Don’t We?
Lesson 2: Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork
Lesson 3: Assumption & Presumptions
Lesson 4: Sleep Glorious Sleep
Lesson 5: The S Word
Lesson 6: Differences and Deal Breakers

Plan Notes

Included in this plan are handy downloadable PDF notes to help and support you and your partner on your parenting journey together.

Couples and kids

What People Are Saying

  • "After watching this plan together, we can now see why it was so important to work as a team, manage our sleep, and find more time for ourselves as a couple too. We're so grateful to have been shown the tools to build a happier home life for our little one."

    Fabio, 33 and Alice, 33

  • "I no longer feel frustrated with my partner and our relationship feels a lot more fair."

    Sophie, 39

  • "After watching this plan, I found the courage to speak to my partner about how I was feeling, and a weight has been lifted."

    Fiona, 36

Ready to be the best partner and parent?

Time to give yourself, your partner, and your family some TLC, and learn how to turn the juggle into joy.

6 Lessons & 6 Activities, 1 hr 10 mins

Plan notes


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