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The Plan

Most couples have moments of conflict. It’s perfectly natural and normal for couples to disagree, and not get on at times. Maybe you’re fed up with butting heads with your partner when it comes to communicating and getting on? Perhaps you feel like you’ve lost your way with each other and can’t seem to make each other happy anymore? Or maybe you keep arguing over the same things and it feels like you’re going round in circles? This plan will help you identify any areas you could improve on in your relationship, you will understand a little bit more about yourself and how you communicate, and what your role is in an argument. Anna will help you create a much more agreeable relationship, especially when it comes to disagreements.

Lessons & Activities

Lesson 1: The Heat is On
Lesson 2: Good or Bad?
Lesson 3: Assumptions and Expectations
Lesson 4: Arguing Styles
Lesson 5: How to Handle an Argument… Better
Lesson 6: There’s No I in Team
Extra Lesson: Enough is Enough

Plan Notes

Included in this plan are handy downloadable PDF notes to help and support you and your partner in times of conflict.

Couples in conflict notes

What People Are Saying

  • "My partner and I struggled to get through a week without a big row until we took on Anna's advice. We are now listening and communicating with each other with more thought behind it, not assuming things and working more as a team. It's working, thank you Anna."

    Amy, 38

  • "The spark is back and arguments are now constructive, thank you Anna."

    Jackie, 42

  • "Myself and my partner were at our wits end, until we both watched this plan together. We now feel like we're on the same page and more able to tackle our communication issues."

    David, 34 and Megan, 35

Fed up with arguing?

Learn how to turn those rows into respectful conversations, and create a happier, healthier, more harmonious relationship.

6 Lessons & 6 Activities, 1 hr 4 mins

Plan notes


Couple arguing

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