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The Plan

It takes great guts to reach out for help and to perhaps admit to yourself that you could use a bit of support in your relationship. Many of us go through moments where we are ‘all in’ but equally teetering on being ‘all out. It doesn’t mean your relationship is broken, or even remotely near the end point, but relationships take work and effort to keep them healthy. The Make or Break Plan is your relationship SOS to help work out what might be going wrong, and how you can put it right, should you choose to.  Whatever the outcome we’re confident you will feel a lot more reassured about what is best for you by the time you have worked your way through this plan.

Lessons & Activities

Lesson 1: Plain Sailing or Plain Failing
Lesson 2: Walk and Talk it Out
Lesson 3: Watching Out for Flags
Lesson 4: The Not So Small Stuff
Lesson 5: What’s the Value?
Lesson 6: The Road Ahead

Plan Notes

Included in this plan are handy downloadable PDF notes to support you when working out which direction your relationship is going.

Make or break notes

What People Are Saying

  • "My partner and I had considered breaking up but after watching this plan together we both feel reignited about our relationship and we're both keen get us back to the happiness we enjoyed at the beginning. Using the activities and tools Anna provided we are excited about our future together again."

    Jenny, 40

  • "I was so tired of the arguments and not being heard that I started to check out, but after watching this with my partner and working through some of the activities, we both finally feel like our old selves again."

    Sarah, 29

  • "You were our last hope, thank you for putting us on a better path."

    Sharon, 44 and Luke, 46

Is your relationship on rocky ground?

Explore if your relationship is worth staying in, and how to get it back on track, or if it’s time to break up!

6 Lessons & 6 Activities, 1 hr 10 mins

Plan notes


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Is someone you know at make or break?

Give them the clarity they need with The Make or Break Plan.


Gift someone the knowledge of self care and being their best

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