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The Plan

Join Anna as she explains the importance of self-care and why being a little bit selfish is not a bad thing! Adopting the right behaviours, thoughts, and beliefs, this plan will help uncover your inner fabulousness, increase your confidence, self awareness, and self-esteem for a happier healthier more fulfilled future. Whether you choose to welcome somebody else into your life, or enjoy being solo, this plan will help you be content with however you choose to live your life, and equip you with the tools you need to help make choices and life decisions confidently based on solid beliefs and foundations. If you’re searching for clarity in life, and could use a huge dollop of self kindness, the This Is Me Plan is just the ticket.

Lessons & Activities

Lesson 1: Who Am I?
Lesson 2: Giving you the V’s & B’s
Lesson 3: The C Word – Confidence is the key
Lesson 4: You Can Make You Whole Again
Lesson 5: The Future is Mine
Lesson 6: I Am Enough

Plan Notes

Included in this plan are handy downloadable PDF notes to help and support you on your journey of self discovery.

What People Are Saying

  • "I lacked self-confidence for some time and this sadly was having a knock-on effect on my romantic relationships. After listening to Anna, I’ve made a few tweaks and adjusted my outlook. I genuinely feel more content in myself and I plan to apply this mindset to my relationships moving forwards too. I’m now excited to look for love again."

    Natalie, 29

  • "Feeling so empowered after watching this plan!"

    Lauren, 32

  • "I'd felt lost for quite some time. I was lacking in confidence and had a lot of anxiety. This plan has given me the boost and direction I needed."

    Alison, 25

Ready to be your best self?

Time to put yourself first and be the best, most confident, content person you deserve to be, for a truly happier future!

6 Lessons & 6 Activities, 51 mins

Plan notes


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