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What is The Relationship Place?
Can I use Apple Pay?
Is there a subscription?
I’m having trouble streaming my plan, can you help?
Does this style of content and coaching work?
Where can I learn more?
Who is Anna and what are her qualifications?
Can I speak to Anna?

Your Account

Is my information secure?
What steps do you take to protect my data?
How do I access the plans once I have paid for?
How do I manage my account?
I have forgotten my password, how can I create a new one?


How much do your plans cost?
What is included in each plan?
Can I buy more than one plan?
Do you offer plans for gay couples?
What’s the difference between the Couple and Conflict and the Make or Break Plan?
Is it worth me purchasing a plan if I think I want to break up with my partner?

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