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Navigating the dating world, finding love, being in a relationship, and ensuring inner contentment can be challenging at times. All individuals and relationships need support, and the key to healthy relationships is doing something about it!

The Relationship Place is your self help hub where you will find relationship support by acclaimed TV relationship and dating expert, Anna Williamson.

We understand that it can be difficult to know where to turn, and how to ask for help about the more private matters in life. So that’s why we’re here.

In addition, we also know that the world of dating and relationships is an ever changing landscape. But worry not. Whether you’re finding love, having doubts, or wanting some conflict resolution. We have all the help, support and advice you might need, available at the click of a button.

Our Plans

The Relationship Place offers 6 different ‘plans’ consisting of easy-to-watch and understand videos. Full of information, tips, techniques, and advice. So, whether you are thinking of commitment, buying a home, getting married, struggling with children, arguing, having intimacy problems, at breaking point, or want to work on yourself. We have a plan that can help you.

We will empower you with expert knowledge and equip you with the practical tools and techniques you need. Which in turn will help keep yourself and your relationship happy and healthy.

Unlike some traditional ‘therapy’, here at The Relationship Place, you will find no waiting times, no expensive sessions, and everything you need at the tap of a button. Directly accessible on your device of choice. You can watch and work through the content in your own space, solo or with a partner, whenever you choose.

So, that’s us in a nutshell. Have a click around. Look through our plans, and sign up. We look forward to you joining our community.

Why Us?

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Led by accredited Life Coach and TV dating and relationship expert, Anna Williamson (E4’s Celeb’s Go Dating). Her straight-talking, easy to understand approach has already helped millions around the world.

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Modern-day relationship therapy solution. Accessible to everyone. No waiting times. No stigma. No judgement! At a fraction of the cost of other forms of relationship coaching.

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Simple & effective practical help. Through easy-to-watch videos. Accessible straight to your phone, laptop or tablet. Whenever and wherever, with your partner, or by yourself. Your plan, your choice.

What People Are Saying

  • "I lacked self-confidence for some time and this sadly was having a knock-on effect on my romantic relationships. After listening to Anna, I’ve made a few tweaks and adjusted my outlook. I genuinely feel more content in myself and I plan to apply this mindset to my relationships moving forwards too. I’m now excited to look for love again."

    Natalie, 29

  • "After watching this plan together, we can now see why it was so important to work as a team, manage our sleep, and find more time for ourselves as a couple too. We're so grateful to have been shown the tools to build a happier home life for our little one."

    Fabio, 33 and Alice, 33

  • "Thank goodness for the Wedding planning plan, the best advice going! Thanks to the advice and detail in this plan, our big day was amazing. Not just because of the venue, dress, or music we chose but because we put Anna's advice in place before and during the big day. We have even written our own plan for us as a couple for the year ahead, so we ha"

    Johnny, 30 and Kelly, 28

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