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The Plan

Ready to make things official? In The Wedding Planning Plan Anna helps you explore all the nooks and cranny’s around deciding, preparing, planning, and executing ‘the big day’ from an emotional, physical, and mental perspective. And crucially considering what the days, months and years after the cake and fizz has been quaffed will be like and how to tackle those post wedding blues you may feel. Big questions will be considered such as why you’re getting married, what’s important to you in a committed relationship, how you see life as a married couple panning out, and when you might want to make that massive life decision.

Plan Notes

Included in this plan are handy downloadable PDF notes to help and support you and your relationship journey.

Wedding planning notes

What People Are Saying

  • "Thanks to the advice and detail in this plan, our big day was amazing. Not just because of the venue, dress, or music we chose but because we put Anna's advice in place before and during the big day. We have even written our own plan for us as a couple for the year ahead, so we have more to look forwards to. Great tip!"

    Johnny, 30 and Kelly 28

  • "I now feel able to really look forward to my big day after all the brilliant lessons and activities in this plan."

    Steph, 40

  • "I was feeling so overwhelmed since my engagement, this plan has really helped me get to grips on all the other worries which come with wedding planning, I couldn't recommend it enough."

    Davina, 34

Lessons & Activities

Lesson 1: What’s the Point?
Lesson 2: Great Expectations
Lesson 3: The Jitters
Lesson 4: Welcome to the In-Laws
Lesson 5: The Big Day
Lesson 6: Just the Two of Us… and Now What?

Ready to say I do?

If you’re looking to take that leap of love and commitment, make that life changing decision the best it can be.

6 Lessons & 6 Activities, 1 hr

Plan notes


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Help someone prepare for their big day!

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