Finding your purpose for a happy future

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Woman relaxing in bath with feet on the tub edge

The biggest commonality amongst coaching clients seeking help is that they feel a bit ‘lost’, a bit ‘done in’, and more often than not, struggling with their self esteem and confidence.

Self care is so important, we can’t be the best to others until we are to ourselves first, but it can be difficult to actually realise that, and to do something about it.

A huge challenge many people fall into is the trap of people pleasing, saying yes to everything and everyone in order to not let anyone down. Classic people pleasers often fail to embrace their individuality and what makes them unique and special. Sometimes they’re a bit of a sheep, following the crowd and the popular choices to blend in.

Taking some time for you is one of the most empowering and healthy things we can do, it’s essential for self care and our long term happiness. Take moments to stop, listen to your mind and body, focus on who you are, what you need, what you want, and enjoy the feelings of clarity and positivity that come as a result. The This is Me Plan here at The Relationship Place is full of tips, techniques and advice on how to start putting yourself first.

The connection between being in the best relationship with yourself and finding meaningful love with another is the magic formula. The moment you’re truly content with yourself is the moment you’re ready to find love, should you so choose. Remember, we don’t ‘need’ a partner, it’s about wanting one. Shift that mindset accordingly and you’re winning.

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