Planning for your wedding day and beyond

Monday, July 4th, 2022

Pink bridal bouquetThe best time to get help with your marriage is before you say your vows. Now, some people might think it’s a bit odd to suggest that a couple might need help before the big day, after all shouldn’t this be the good blissful bit? Actually a lot of relationship experts like me completely endorse the fact that laying the foundations and ironing out any of the creases (and I’m not talking about the groom’s shirt collar in this instance) before you’ve got a ring on it, is the best time to ensure you’re both on the same page, with similar aspirations, and ready and raring to go as a new official couple.

Wedding planning is up there as one of the most stressful activities for a lot of couples, and there are few more emotional situations in life than just before the ‘big day’. Many brides and grooms report bouncing around experiencing practically every emotion known to man, one minute crying, one minute laughing hysterically, the next stressing about something completely trivial, but seemingly so important in the moment! It’s safe to say that both can feel more than a little nervous and overwhelmed at times.

Getting married is a big decision, and with so many things to think of leading up to the day you become officially committed to another, often the actual thing that is the most important can get pushed to one side… the relationship. That might sound a bit odd, laughable even, but in amongst the table favours and flower arrangements, a couple can momentarily lose sight of the huge declaration of love they’re about to give each other and what life is going to be like after that important day.

A lot of couples report getting the wedding blues, this is the period straight after the nuptials when the excitement has died down and it can leave people feeling a little bit flat. It’s perfectly normal by the way so do not fear! But it’s important to recognise that this can happen and it’s about planning in advance to make sure that life as a couple gets off to a flying start, as opposed to feeling a bit hungover and empty after the wedding buffet has been consumed.

The Wedding Planning Plan, which you’ll find on offer here at The Relationship Place, has been created specifically for every couple about to tie the knot.

Getting married is wonderful, and it is undoubtedly one of the happiest occasions a couple can go through. But planning, preparing and making sure everything goes well from an emotional perspective too is just as important as all of the materialistic stuff.