Is my relationship worth saving?

Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

Broken heart-shaped puzzleThere are times when being in a relationship feels hard and any niggling thoughts of ‘do I really want this anymore?’ can get louder and louder. But the good news is it’s absolutely possible to bounce back from any negative feelings.  It’s perfectly normal to have ups and downs in a relationship, let’s be honest, pretty much most couples do because by the very nature of being in an intimate couple, when we share so much with one human being, chances are you’re going to come across differences. Some differences are fine, in fact we’d be pretty boring if we were all the same, but some differences are not ok, some are deal breakers, and even worse, red flags!

Knowing when to get out of a relationship is important, and it stands to reason that if at any time you or someone you know feels unsafe or disrespected then you should get out immediately. But there are also times when you’re just not sure what’s going on with your partner, things perhaps have gone a bit stale, maybe you’ve stopped communicating properly, and are generally feeling disconnected. Catching a relationship before it’s heading too far down the road of no return is important in helping bringing it back from the brink of breaking up, should that be your wish of course.

Too many relationships throw in the towel when they could be salvaged.  Knowing how to tackle any issues and communication struggles can be hard, especially if things are getting awkward and tense, making conversation difficult.

There’s lots that can be done to work out if a relationship is just having a blip, or indeed if there’s more to it that needs work. The key is to recognising that you both want to give it a try, if there is will there is a way and that’s why The Make or Break Plan is an important plan for anyone who feels like they need to explore their relationship before making a decision either way.

Relationships are amazing, but they all take nurturing to keep them healthy and happy. Some are like seasons, they come, and they go. Whatever situation you find yourself in, working out what you need and want will help steer you in the right direction.