We are so much more connected now.

Monday, August 29th, 2022

Couple together after conflict resolution

We’ve been married for 9 years and we’ve got 3 kids between us, 2 of our own as I’ve got an older daughter with my ex. The last year or so we’ve been feeling so disconnected with each other, we’re both busy with work and he gets really stressed, and the kids are full on!  We’ve always had little disagreements, he gets annoyed about my Amazon obsession, and I get fed up with feeling taken for granted in the house, but we’d always gloss over it and crack on, too tired to make a massive issue or sort it out.

Things got strained at the end of last year, my hubby lost his job and money got tight, at the same time my eldest started her GCSE’s so there was a lot of stress in the house. I had to step up with work to make ends meet and he got more and more fed up being at home, our arguments went from mediocre to really bad. Proper yelling and door slamming, which not only upset us but upset the kids too, which was the wake up call we both needed.

I’d heard about The Relationship Place and liked the fact it was easy to access instant relationship advice. I don’t have any spare time to go to therapy, and to be honest the money either, so this seemed like a great option, worth a try at least. The Couples in Conflict Plan was so helpful! It was exactly what we both needed, hearing the areas we could work on, how to communicate better, and what changes we needed to make so we both felt happy and respected has been game changing. I’m really proud of us both for giving it go. We’re not perfect, but who is, but we’re so much more connected and when we disagree, we make sure we pause and listen to each other now, instead of launching into a full blown row. We’re work in progress but we’re in such a better place than we were last year thanks to The Relationship Place.

Sonal, 42

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