The Royal Family Feud

Friday, September 23rd, 2022
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Megan Markle at Queen Elizabeth II funeral

Death draws to a close Britain’s second Elizabethan era and heralds the reign of her son, King Charles III. Whilst Britain mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II many conversations have turned to the ‘Royal Rift.’ The funeral may have brought the grandchildren together again, but reports of a long-standing feud continue unabated. 

This drama has been ongoing for a very long time and like the royals, families worldwide are breaking down from bitter quarrels or contention and continuous hostility lasting for many years or even generations. More often than not, the original disagreement is long forgotten and over time it is more familiar to be bitter and hold the family members at arm’s length than it is to want to show a willingness to resolve the issue. 

The detail of Wills and Harry’s relationship breakdown is complicated and rumours began when there were issues dating back to 2018. With this brotherly breakdown have come more rumours surrounding Harry’s relationship with his father, the King and feuds between Megan Markle and Kate Middleton. The knock-on effect of any family argument can be huge and shatter relationships throughout a whole family. 

We’d be here for a long time if we were to detail the ins and outs of the issues between the royal family but it’s safe to say it is not uncommon. Feelings of mistrust, differences of opinions, being wronged, and being treated unfairly are all potential contributing factors. If you want to check out the timeline of Prince William and Prince Harry’s Royal feud then Cosmopolitan have put together this very handy timeline HERE.

One of the most common types of conflict within families revolves around finances. That may not be the case for the Royals but you would be surprised, even the wealthy can argue about money. Financial instability can create a tremendous amount of stress on the family. Quite often parenting approaches can be an issue too not just between the parents, but between the parent and child, co-parents, step-parents, in-laws and extended family. If this rings a bell you should check out our Couples and Kids Plan HERE.

To prevent long-standing rows and family break-ups we all need to embrace our emotional self-awareness! Being aware of your feelings, how they affect you, and how you express them is key. Plus we must set boundaries! Healthy boundaries are essential in every relationship. Setting them is an act of self-care and serves to establish our identity and individuality. In turn, it can help indicate what is and is not your responsibility. Want to learn more about how to set your boundaries, how to argue and communicate effectively then head to our Couples and Conflict Plan HERE.

Some families resolve their issues internally however some issues are so persistent or intense that they can be challenging to resolve without additional resources and support. That is why we created The Relationship Place to help you (and the Royals if they want one of our plans) take better care of your relationships.