3 Ways to Resolve Arguments Instantly

Sunday, June 4th, 2023

couple having an argument

Sometimes emotions and frustration spill over into life and arguments happen, they are a natural part of any partnership. Arguments in a relationship can stem from a variety of issues such as miscommunication, unresolved conflicts, and even differences in personality.  

I believe it’s the moment-to-moment decisions, the way we react to things, and how we process our emotions that determine how arguments unfold.

Here are 3 ways to resolve arguments instantly. 

Emotional acceptance

This is the practice of acknowledging and allowing yourself to truly experience the range of emotions from the argument without exterior input or resistance from yourself. Instead of suppressing the emotions, listen to your internal monologue, accept that is how you feel in the moment and then allow yourself to move on.  


Showing your partner you understand and empathise with their emotions can really help to bring their wall down, become less defensive and allow both of you to tackle the issue together in a more productive way.


Reevaluating the actual situation or issue that is causing the argument can help you to see things in a more positive or constructive light. Question your assumptions in that moment and think about a more positive view. Finding a way to reframe the issue can often help to de-escalate the argument. 

Arguments are a natural part of any relationship. A recent study found that couples who argue effectively and know how to deal with conflict are 10 times more likely to have a happy relationship, compared to those who sweep their problems under the carpet.

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